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Radiant Heating in Hudson, MA, and Nearby Areas

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Enjoy evenly distributed heat throughout your home, and let your bare feet soak up the warmth of soothing heat without the dust and noise associated with other heating sources.

Radiant heating provides superior comfort and savings over all other heating systems. It spreads heat more evenly around the room, eliminating cold spots, cold blasts of air from registers, noises from baseboard heat and the discomfort of dry air. Because of its many benefits, radiant heating will also increase the value of your home.

Treat yourself to a quiet, healthy, aesthetically pleasing, and more direct form of heat with radiant heating from Mass Plumbing & Heating. Join other clients in Hudson, MA, and nearby areas and discover the many benefits of radiant heating.


Comfort is hard to define. It’s best understood as the absence of discomfort. In that light, perhaps the most remarkable thing about radiant heat is what you won't notice. There are no forced air registers to see. No noise or dust from mechanical blowers. No hot air blowing on you to exacerbate winter dryness. No hot air rising to overheat the ceiling, wasting energy. No cold floors to chill your feet in the morning. No noises from baseboard or dust and mites that accumulate in between baseboard fins. The mild warmth of a radiant floor is a subtle experience and always feels just perfect!


A typical radiant heated home in the United States can expect between 25-35% of fuel savings over other systems.


Improved indoor air quality can reduce allergies, medical bills, incidences of asthma, and more. European studies indicate that dust mite populations are reduced by as much as 90% in radiant heated homes. And a quiet, peaceful environment, devoid of noisy fans and blowers), is a healthier and more relaxing environment too.

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We tailor our services to meet the needs of our customers. When you come to us for radiant heating, you can expect honest, upfront pricing and careful attention to every detail from start to finish. And because we're a locally owned and operated business, you can also count on us to be available for follow-up services that include routine maintenance and repairs.

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