Oil-Gas Conversions


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Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel – it produces no soot or fumes. Converting to a natural gas heating system has so many advantages, you may wonder why you haven’t done it already!

Boost your savings and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time by contacting Mass Plumbing & Heating about an oil to gas conversion. This is a smart decision that can provide many long-term benefits for property owners in Hudson, MA, and nearby areas. 

How an Oil-Gas Conversion Works

Our team will start with a free estimate and evaluation to determine the specific steps that we will need to take for your home. This process involves determining if you have the existing equipment or if there is a need to consider new heating products first. Our experts will complete the oil-gas conversion by:

  • Contacting your local gas company
  • Performing the necessary connections and adjustments
  • Making sure that everything is properly set up once the conversion is complete

It’s Great for your Pocket and the Environment!

A typical home that converts to natural gas heating will emit up to 40% less CO2 and up to 99.9% less sulfur dioxide – two major contributors to climate change and acid rain. Converting also reduces emissions that deplete the ozone and contribute to respiratory illnesses like asthma. One home converting to natural gas will take up to 183,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the environment. That’s like taking six cars off the street for a year. And of course, you can save up to 50% on your heating bill. 

What are you waiting for? Call us today and schedule your home visit 100% free of charge. We'll come to your house and go through the entire process with you at NO OBLIGATION!! We will:

  • Provide Quick & Smooth Conversions
  • Administer all paperwork required by the towns
  • Coordinate the project with gas companies from start to finish
  • Have all rebate forms ready for you
  • Provide oil tank removals, if required
  • Provide you upfront cost at no obligations

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