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Our Top Space Heaters in Hudson, MA, and Nearby Areas

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A space heater is a type of heater designed to heat up a particular area. For instance, you might place one in a large living room that is difficult to fully heat evenly. Space heaters are also portable and not dependent upon ducts or vents. The type of space heaters we offer include:

  • A factory-installed blower fan
  • A thermostat
  • An electronic ignition

Reasons to Consider Space Heaters

Space heaters can provide added warmth in draft-prone areas, especially if you have a finished basement that's still a bit chilly or an attic office or bedroom. In addition, these devices can work even when the power goes out. Space heaters also help you save money by minimizing the need to constantly run your HVAC system at higher thermostat settings to compensate for uneven heating.

Glo-Warm Blue Flame Vent Free Heaters

  • Available up to 30.000 BTUs - These heaters heat up to 1000 square feet. Includes factory installed blower fan, thermostat, electronic ignition, and easy-to-read room temperature display.

  • Operates without electricity during power outages - This blue flame heater is an excellent heat source during uncomfortable winter periods because the heater still heats when the electrically powered blower is inoperable

  • Safety is an important factor with any heat source and this blue flame heater, has a built-in low oxygen shut-off sensor (ODS system) that shuts the unit down if it ever detects a possible problem.

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Spaces heaters assure you of a great way to save money while still keeping you nice and toasty even when it is cold outside. If you are ready to explore your options with space heaters in Hudson, MA, and nearby areas, call us here at Mass Plumbing & Heating or fill out the online form. We are also available 24/7 for emergency assistance after hours and during holidays.

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